Risk Analytics

Predict Operational Risk

Predict turnover.

We help you see the trends and patterns in your client's turnover using data from Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or Slack, and use Organizational Network Analysis to predict turnover before it happens. Now, you can do something to prevent it from happening.

See absenteeism.

We use usage data to analyze absenteeism and provide you with an analysis of both trends and patterns in absenteeism, demonstrating how employee experience affects your client's absenteeism.

Understand disengagement.

According to Gallup's research, disengagement accounts for up to 34% of an employee's annual salary. With Holmetrics, you can now quantify disengagement and identify actionable areas of improvement that will improve productivity and bottom-line performance.

Measure psychological safety.

Mental health disability accounts for 30% of all disability claims and 70% of the disability costs incurred by organizations. Our employee experience factors are leading indicators of workplace psychological safety. Holmetrics makes it easy and affordable to onboard onto the National Standard for Psychological Safety in the Workplace.

Measure risk in dollars and cents.

As with everything in Holmetrics, we bring data back to the dollars and cents, connecting the dots for leaders between employee experience and organizational performance. Understanding risks in the sense of both value and potential allows leaders to buy into the process of growth and change.

Reach innovation potential.

The vast majority of organizations never get to the point of assessing and mitigating their organizational risk. Even fewer make it through to optimizing performance. But only select companies ever get to the end of identifying and reaching their innovation potential. Your client has already come to you for help. Meaning they are one of the select few. Holmetrics helps you create a step-by-step strategy for clients to reach their innovation potential.

Mitigating risk is a master ninja skill.

If you're looking for a tool that helps your clients measure and mitigate risk than congratulations! Your quest is now complete.