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We start with your data and keep it safe, private and anonymous

Hölmetrics only assesses data that is already owned by the organization. We do not access any personal, private data of any kind. We do not collect or store any sensitive data of any kind, including data related to intellectual property or your client's information. Hölmetrics functions as an add-in to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Slack, and functions in your cloud. The data we assess is fully anonymized and aggregated.

Data Science Meets Psychology

Hölmetrics brings together the latest research in industrial-organizational psychology with data science, machine learning, natural language processing, deep neural networking and organizational network analysis. 

Tone and Sentiment Analysis

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Understanding how your people are doing goes a lot deeper than the words they use. Using natural language processing (NLP) engines such as IBM Watson and AWS Comprehend gives us the ability to understand how people are doing at a deep level while maintaining privacy and anonymity. 


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We strive to provide incredibly valuable and actionable insights to leaders. Hölmetrics makes it easy to disseminate insights throughout your organization to leaders and managers wherever in the world they are.

Risk, Change and Growth

We want to help you focus. We categorize all of our insights into three essential areas. Risk. Change. Growth. For leaders who are responsible for risk management, they have insights into trends and patterns with turnover, disability, burnout, disengagement and absenteeism. For leaders responsible for change management they have instant access to insights into change readiness and the results of changes inside your organization. Leaders responsible for growth can see the correlation between employee experience and organizational performance. 

Action Plans

Data that is not actionable is not valuable. Hölmetrics is a platform that automatically generates action plans based on our insights and disseminates them effortlessly and intelligently throughout your organization. 

Hölmetrics provides several different options for your Action Plans:

  • We can provide them for you

  • You can crowdsource your Action Plans using Pulse

  • Your HR/Leadership Team can generate Action Plans and use Hölmetrics to deliver them.

  • Your Management/HR Consultant can generate Action Plans and use Hölmetrics to deliver them.

  • You can generate Action Plans using an integration such as Inqli  

Agile Management

Hölmetrics allows you and the leaders around you to understand areas of growth, make changes, measure the impact of those changes and see the results of that change inside of 30-day cycles. 

Say goodbye to 12-18 month Growth Cycles. This is Agile Management.


Hölmetrics provides accountability for leaders and managers across your organization by providing an accurate picture of the reality of both your employee experience and your organizational performance, an Action Plan for improvement and a transparent platform for communication between leaders your team. 

Management of Management

Hölmetrics' transparent platform allows senior leadership teams to visualize their leadership and management team and measure their performance and efficacy. 


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Hölmetrics empowers leaders to build healthy, sustainable, world-changing teams.

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