Change Analytics

Easily Measure and
Predict Outcomes

Measure the impact of your action plans.

With Holmetrics, action plans aren't the end of the engagement. Using our solution, you can create innovative ongoing engagements built on shorter agile feedback loops that truly begin to turn your client's flywheel.

Measure the impact of critical changes.

Remember when everyone on the planet had to start working from home? Thankfully changes like that don't happen very often, but when they do, be prepared with real-time analysis of the impact of those changes. Whether it's a new CEO, a new office or a new policy, measure the impact of that change on your organization now, not at next year's survey.

Plan and prepare for change.

Change in an organization is usually more complex than leaders imagine when they come up with the latest great idea. By analyzing change readiness, you can get a sense of which areas of your organization are most at risk in the event of a significant change to the organization.

Be specific and measured.

When discussing the impact of change on a team, we typically discuss the more qualitative ones. We talk about how people may feel or what they're saying at the water cooler. What doesn't get talked about is the measurable things, like the level of engagement or job satisfaction. 

Test change.

Holmetrics allows you to test change in your organization by split testing or A/B testing your team. Implement a new policy or directive in one part of the organization and measure the impact on that group before rolling it out to the entire company.

Give great feedback.

With Change Analytics by Holmetrics, strategic consultants have everything they need to provide great feedback to their clients and create ongoing engagements based on relevant, measured analysis of the current state of their client's business.

Change is that thing you love to hate.

You don't have to be alone through it. It's time to crush it.


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